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Sunday, Feb 27

Diane and I went to church this morning with Moira and family who live across the street.  Moira is from Massachusetts and her husband, William, is from Christchurch, New Zealand. (His mother lost her home in the recent earthquake). They have an orphanage out in the country with 11 kids, and they have six more living with them in their house. She is one of Diane’s best friends here in Kenya and I already love her.   She and William were in YWAM for years and she did not get married until she was 37 and bore her first and only biological child at the age of 40.  So, there is hope for all of us!  Or at least me….

Anyway, now that Diane has a car (David is letting us borrow his for the next few days until Diane buys her new vehicle in the next week or so—we hope), we decided to go to church with Moira and fam.  They attend one of the larger pentecostal churches in town.  We went to the smaller congregation which was absolutely filled with the cutest kids, many who come by themselves from around the neighborhood.  I love worshipping in Swahili and English and I learned my first worship phrase in Swahili: “Hakuna mungu kama wewe” which means, “there is no God like You.”  A little Swahili lesson:  Hakuna means “there is not.”  It comes from “Kuna” which means “there is,” and the “Ha” makes it negative.  So the famous song, “Hakuna Matata” means “there is not a worry.”  I also met the sweetest teenaged girl after the service—and her name was DAISY!  I thought that was cool, since Daisy has sorta become the underlying theme of this trip.  I have a general idea of where she lives—in my general neighborhood—but I wish I had gotten her exact address because I want to spend more time with her. She was precious and I felt like it was a God-appointment. (UPDATE:  one of Moira’s daughter’s knows Daisy and we will go visit her together later).

Tonight we are going to “missionary fellowship.”  Many of the missionaries around here get together once a week on Sunday night, moving from one house to the next.  Tonight will be at John and Esther Green’s.  John is an old Pentecostal missionary from England…a real no-nonsense guy, from what I hear…I have not met him yet. He came to Kenya in the early 1960’s and started an orphanage and married a Kenyan woman—the beautiful Esther.  I met her the other day when we went out to lunch for Diane’s birthday.  It is hard to believe she is in her early 70’s, with no wrinkles and only a few grey hairs.  She could pass for in her 50’s.   Their property is called Testimony Faith Homes, and the beautiful grounds certainly are a testimony of trusting God and His faithful provision. They always have over 100 kids at a time and one of the best schools in town.  I look forward to getting to know them more.  The big news in the missionary community here is that John (an orphan himself) just discovered that he has a sister!  She lives in Aberdeen, Scotland, and is 72—one year older than him.  All these years and neither of them knew that they had a sibling!  He has a blog, which you might enjoy: http://tfhomes.blogspot.com/

UPDATE: Just got home from missionary fellowship.  It was so much fun.  We ate and sang out of a hymnal and then shared what is going on in our lives and prayed for each other and things going on around the world.  All the people there really seem to love it and draw strength from their fellowship and they all said how much they miss it when they are on furlough or travelling in other parts of the world. There were people there from the States, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands and of course Kenya. I will be going out to lunch in a few days with Sophie from NZ/Aus who runs a children’s home and Carol from the Netherlands who is married to a Kenyan.  I enjoyed meeting everyone. 

A prayer request was brought up that I want to share with you.  Early yesterday morning, someone broke into an orphanage run by a Dutch couple who were YWAM missionaries in Nairobi.  They killed the husband and raped his wife right in front of the children.  That evening was supposed to be a big graduation for a bunch of YWAM students who had been training there for the past few months.  Every one there is really shook up.  Please pray for them, and especially the wife and children.

I couldn’t believe some of the other prayer requests regarding some of the kids that have recently been received in some of the local orphanages, including a malnourished baby on the brink of starvation.  His mother was taking the heavy duty formula that they had been giving her and selling it for money instead of feeding her baby.  The baby was finally placed in the care of a Kenyan couple there who run an orphanage.  There were many other similar stories like that too sad to share.  

Diane and I and some of the others will be starting Swahili lessons next week.  Lots of good stuff brewing—I will share more later as it shapes up concretely.

I have been thinking of KLF, my home church a lot today.  Hard to believe it was just a week ago today that we had my commissioning service.  It seems like a month has gone by since then.


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